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Cancellation Policy

Our policy regarding cancellations and refunds is as follows:

Once a reservation is confirmed in our system, restaurants are unable to directly cancel it. They may, however, request table or floor cancellations from our super admin. If a reservation is canceled, users must go through the reservation process again to make a new one.

Users are also unable to directly cancel a reservation after a certain time. If they need to cancel, they must contact us immediately through our in-app customer support chat feature or by phone.

There are, however, certain conditions that allow for cancellations:

  1. Customers may cancel their reservation within 12 hours of the reservation time.

  2. After 12 hours of the reservation time, users may contact our customer service to cancel the reservation. (If users want to cancel a reservation and have less than 12 hours from reservation time,users need to contact our customer service to cancel the reservation.)